According to Science, Here Are The Best and Worst Exercises

It’s no secret that working out is hard! It takes a lot to get in shape and you have to make sure that your time at the gym is used effectively. Even though any exercise that requires you to move is beneficial, some exercises should be avoided. The exercises are bad for a variety of reasons, such as your age or bone density. As you age, your bones and muscles become weaker and you are more likely to injure yourself. Nikola Djordjevic MD, medical advisor at LoudCloudHealth explained.

This article will discuss the best and worst exercises that you should avoid.

Best Exercises

  • Pilates: Low-impact exercises that target your hips and back. These exercises also help to create a synergy with your mind and body. These exercises use your body to build strength and flexibility.
  • Meditation, such as Tai Chi, has been proven to improve your overall health and mood. This slow series of movements helps to improve balance and relieve stress.
  • Walking is a classic exercise that engages your brain and body. You can walk anywhere, and it is not strenuous to your joints. It also improves heart health.
  • Yoga: The gentle stretching that is part of yoga can help reduce stress and give your body the energy boost it needs.

Worst Exercises

  • Spot Reduction – It seems natural to perform sit-ups when trying to reduce abdominal fat. This is incorrect. You cannot just target your stomach or other body parts when you want to lose weight. It is better to train your entire body.
  • When done correctly, CrossFit is an excellent form of exercise. If caution is not taken, this intense exercise can lead to serious injury.
  • Crunches: Crunches can be good for people with bad backs, but they are not the best exercise. These exercises place a lot of pressure on your lower spine. These exercises tighten even more the muscles that are used for sitting. This exercise should therefore be avoided.


There are other ways to work your body safely and effectively. These bad exercises must be avoided in order to avoid long-lasting injuries.

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