Can Counting Calories Be Harmful?

Most people think that calories are bad and that you must reduce them dramatically to lose weight. Experts, however, believe that weight loss may involve more than just counting. The experts also stated that a number of factors can affect a person’s ability lose weight. These include the type of foods eaten, the metabolism of the body, and the presence of bacteria in the gut.

Organisms that can be found in the intestine:

In your gut are trillions of bacteria. The dominant organisms can have a significant impact on the body’s capacity to absorb food calories. Researchers found that those with slim figures had a different set of organisms than those who were overweight. These organisms, according to research, can use and break down more calories from certain foods.

Your body’s metabolism:

Researchers have found that every body type has an “set point” which regulates the weight of a person. The set point is influenced by several factors such as genes and behaviors. The “hypothalamus” is also a brain region that controls body temperature and prevents the body from dropping below its set point.

You may notice that your weight does not change despite strict exercise and a rigorous diet. It is for this reason that many people who lose significant amounts of weight gain it back.

What type of food do you eat?

Your choice of food can also have a significant impact on your calorie intake. Researchers found in a study that those who consumed ultra-processed food gained more weight than those who did not. Experts concluded that people are wired for healthier, more natural food. Processed foods also contain additives, which could have extra calories.

How do you manage calories?

How can you lose excess body fat now that we know that counting calories doesn’t help you manage your weight or reduce it? It’s easy! There are a few steps you can take, including:

  • Focusing on a healthier diet
  • Regular and intense exercise
  • Sleeping soundly;
  • Significantly reduce stress levels;
  • Consulting a professional.


You may get different results by counting and cutting calories. Consider the above tips to achieve effective weight loss.

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