What is Hair Botox?

Hair Botox, a new treatment that is making waves in salons, has become incredibly popular. It works just like regular Botox, despite its misleading name. It’s not a needle-based process because it is similar to adding vitamin and protein rich substances to hair to prevent breakage and protect the edges.

Hair Botox contains vitamin E, collagen, and oils to promote vitality. They repair heat damage and fight signs of aging.

What you need to know about hair Botox

Hair Botox, while you can still use regular Botox to treat your scalp, is designed for treating individual hair strands. Hair Botox makes hair look smoother and healthier by reducing frizz. It also infuses it with vitamins and proteins that promote growth and durability. This treatment makes your hair appear younger and less prone to damage.

You should consult your stylist about the specifics of your hair, and any hair issues you may have. The brittleness of your hair, the fray tendency and its strength will determine how much “Botox”, or time, is put into it.

How Does HTML0 Work?

The hair is first washed in a shampoo which opens up the cuticles, making them more absorbent. The product is applied while the hair is still wet. It’s then massaged into the roots and allowed to sit between 20-90 min.

The stylist may decide to leave the product on or remove it. The product will be better absorbed into your hair if you leave it on. The results are visible immediately following the treatment.

Who can use hair Botox?

Hair Botox is vegan and can be used by all hair types. Its effects are most noticeable in fraying, thinned, and brittle locks.

How much does hair Botox cost?

Hair Botox can cost between $150 and $300 depending on the brand of product you choose, as well as whether or not you purchase it yourself. Costs are also affected by the location and intensity, particularly if you use a salon or buy it yourself.

Comparison between other Treatments

Hair Botox costs more than other treatments, such as keratin therapy. It is more popular because of its long-lasting effects and lack of chemicals. It is more effective than cysteine and lasts for longer. The effects can be seen in 90 minutes, whereas cysteine takes 24 hours.


Hair Botox can give you beautiful, durable hair without using toxic chemicals. Consult a professional before undergoing the treatment to determine what your hair needs and how you can best incorporate them into your normal hair care.

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