Seven foods that are damaging your bone health

As you age, your bones will also age. It’s crucial to understand what factors affect your skeletal system and how you can improve your bone health. Food can have a big impact on your health.


For every 100mg caffeine, your body loses six milligrams of calcium. This practice will cause your bones to weaken and can also lead to calcium deficiencies. To stay healthy, you should limit your caffeine intake to 300mg daily and regularly take calcium.

Phosphoric acids

But, in the guta href=” But, in the gut High cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels

Small amounts can help you produce vitamin D. Large amounts can be harmful to your bone health because they increase the risk of fractures.

High cholesterol is also linked to cardiovascular disease- the primary disease of hypercholesterolemia- and osteoporosis. Reduce high cholesterol levels by eating foods rich in omega-3 fats, removing trans-fats, and avoiding trans-fats.


Like salt excretion, Salt

The relationship between salt and calcium is a physiological link. You lose 17.4mg calcium for every 1000mg of salt you eat. The cumulative effects of salt consumption are alarming, as it is more likely that you will consume too much. To keep your bones healthy, you need to watch your salt intake.

Vitamin A


Some compounds in legumes like soy or cowpea compete with calcium’s ionization. Oxalates, organic chemicals which form salts that are insoluble in the gut and cause a calcium deficiency. This can be avoided by eating a vegetarian diet that is high in plant protein.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your own health is important. A certified professional can help you. You can then take the necessary steps to maintain your bone health.

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