Avoid these lifestyle choices to ensure good fertility

Fertility can be a complicated concept, as it involves many factors. Couples who are trying to conceive must take certain steps to make their efforts successful. They should also avoid unhealthy food and habits that can negatively affect fertility. This article highlights different lifestyle choices that couples should avoid in order to achieve good fertility.

What does female fertility mean?

The ability of a female to naturally conceive is called her fertility. Fertility is a result of unprotected sexual contact between partners. If you have had unprotected sexual contact with your partner for more than six months without success, then questions about your fertility will begin to plague your mind.

Avoid these lifestyle choices

  1. Smoking: In addition to increasing your risk of colon, lung and pancreatic cancers, smoking can also make it difficult to conceive. Smoking can accelerate the ageing process of ovarian follicles in women, resulting in an early menopause. Smoking is also not recommended for men who want healthy sperm count. Research has shown that although the effects of smoking on men are not yet clear, it negatively impacts the structure and functionality of sperm. Researchers also noted that the severity of the damage was directly related to the number cigarettes you smoked. The production of sperm can be dynamic and the damage caused by smoke in just three months.
  2. In 2016, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine published a study that found drinking more than five coffee cups daily was linked to a reduction in fertility. When a pregnant woman drinks two cups of coffee per day, the caffeine intake increases her risk of miscarriage. It is important to note that the caffeine content of different coffees varies. Starbucks’ regular coffee contains more caffeine than any other brand.
  3. Alcohol Too Much: According to research, drinking more than 2 cups of alcohol per day can hinder the ability to get pregnant. At this time, it’s not entirely clear how drinking alcohol can affect a woman’s ability conceive. It is therefore best to only drink alcohol on occasion or not at all when you become pregnant.


You can promote fertility by doing a variety of exercises. It is also important to know what to avoid. Even an excess of “good” things can hinder your ability to conceive. Exercise vigorously, for example, has been shown to interfere with fertility. You must therefore do everything with moderation.

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