Does this daily practice help lower blood pressure?

According to recent studies, patients with borderline high blood pressure who practice mindfulness-based stress relief (MBSR) can reduce their blood pressure.

MBSR is a therapy that participants perform under the guidance of an instructor. These participants will engage in stress-reducing activities such as yoga and meditation for several weeks. Many patients who suffer from depression, chronic pain or addiction can benefit from this practice.

MBSR was created in the 1970s, by Jon Kabat Zinn, an American Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. It is an eight-week program that deals with mental health issues and chronic pain.

The eight-week course was completed by participants with a better quality of life than other people. This technique has been used by many hospitals, as well as other treatment centers to ease symptoms of mental and physical health conditions.

What happens in a MSBR session?

This program usually runs for eight week and lasts two to three hours per session. The certified instructor will guide the group through a series mindfulness techniques.

These sessions can help these individuals develop a greater awareness for the present. This program teaches each person to control their emotional and arousal state in order to achieve a deeper sense of calm.

Mindfulness: Benefits and Uses

  • Pain Relief

This treatment is effective in reducing pain and improving psychological wellbeing for patients with chronic pain. Many studies show that MBSR improves the quality of living for those with lower back pain.

  • Stress Management

MSBR allows you to record your experience. If you’re experiencing physical or mental distress, for example, MSBR will let you know. This technique allows you to process your thoughts and reduce stress. It also promotes relaxation.


Whether you are walking down the street, tying a shoelace or washing dishes, you can help yourself by being aware of what you do. Be extra aware of what is going on around and in front of you.

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