Why do girl toddlers have a larger vocabulary?

Through baby talk and research, female children tend to have a larger vocabulary than their male counterparts.

Researchers claim that it has nothing to with sex, but everything to do how parents raise children. Over 2,000 hours worth of observations show that parents are more communicative with their children, regardless of gender, once they start to speak and react.

These interactions are directly responsible for the language development of children. This study, according to some linguists proves that the children are able to shape their verbal environment as they grow.

How Do Language Gaps Develop between Both Genders

In previous studies, it was found that girls are less likely than boys to have language difficulties and delays. Girls have a larger vocabulary than boys and their vocabulary grows faster in childhood.

To confirm the findings of these studies, Dailey’s team and colleagues recorded and counted all words said and heard over a period of a year by 21 girls (and 23 boys). The children were fitted with a vest that concealed a small tape recorder, which recorded a full day of dialogue.

Every month, the kids are given a cap that has a camera attached to it. They record their interactions.

Over 2,100 hours were recorded, with a focus on the busiest periods of the day.

The team calculated each child’s exact vocabulary amount by counting the distinct nouns that they used in the experiment. The results corroborated previous research that showed girls learn a larger vocabulary than boys.

What was the result of the study?

Contrary to popular belief, the findings of the study show that girls do not talk more than boys. It is not surprising that both boys and girls used the same amount of words. This suggests that conversational practice to increase children’s vocabulary is less effective.

However, girls did have an advantage when it came time to speak their first words. In a study, it was found that most boys didn’t begin talking until a month or so after their first birth. Girls began speaking at around the same time.

Researchers also hypothesized, that since girls begin talking earlier than boys, caregivers are more likely to engage in conversation because females are better at interacting with each other at this age.

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